General information



                    Institute of Medicine, Suranaree University of Technology initiated a project to establish health science system in January 2538, which consisted of Institute of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry, Institute of Pharmacology, Institute of Nursing and SUT hospital. During the first phase of the project, only Institute of Medicince, Institute of Nursing and SUT hospital were formed in order to produce more medical, nursing and medical technology graduates to solve the profession scarcity issue. In 2540, Thailand faced an economic crisis and the project was forced to suspend for a time. Later on in 2557, dental undergraduate curriculum was proposed to the dental council of Thailand and was approved in April 9, 2558 so the Institute of Dentistry was finally established.

                   The Institute of Dentistry initially constituted 5 faculty members and 30 first-generation dental students in 2558. The student acceptance is focused mainly on the Northeastern region especially Nakorn Ratchasrima, Chaiyaphum, Buriram and Surin provinces, but students from other regions are also welcomed. In addition, graduates possessing bachelor’s degree in basic or health sciences are also welcomed and can begin their year of study starting at 2nd year of the curriculum.

                    The Institute of Dentistry, Suranaree University of Technology is the 11th dental school under the governmental supervision and the 13th dental school of Thailand.


                    Graduates of Institute of Dentistry, Suranaree University of Technology are equipped with knowledge, morals, wisdom and dignity for practicing dental profession under the concept of stomatology and providing humanized care according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Also, graduates are endowed with professionalism in analysing all aspects of the body including physical, mental and social aspects, and in utilizing evidence-based practice in heath promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Holistic and patient-centered health care is the forte of our graduates. They are dedicated to improve community health, bound by morals and virtues, responsible for society, able to provide oral care for patients with content, and willful to never stop learning. 


         To produce graduates with knowledge, morals, wisdom and dignity, who are able to better both community and nation.



            To become the forefront institute in producing graduates with professionalism and morals by utilizing advanced technology in order to accommodate regional needs and better the nation.


Institute of Dentistry complies with the mission of Suranaree University of Technology as followed:

  1. Produce and improve high-level dental professionals to accommodate the national need

  2. Research and develop new innovations and apply new findings to improve the nation

  3. Modify, transfer, and develop technology to promote national self-dependence

  4. Provide academic services to general population and both governmental and private organizations

  5. Preserve arts and cultures in both regional and national levels especially those of the Northeastern region